Just the FAQs About

1.††††† Do you provide a contract for your services?

Yes.You will receive a contract either by email or postal mail (depending on what you prefer).You need to sign next to my signature and send one copy back to me, along with your deposit cheque or money order, within five business days.†

2.††††† Do you play requests?

Requests are always welcome.Requests for inappropriate music that wonít work for the crowd in attendance will be discouraged.As the event host, you may choose to set guidelines for guestsí requests.

3.††††† When will you set up?

We do a full set up and sound check several hours before your guests arrive.

4.††††† Do you charge extra for dinner music?

No.Thatís because a DJ isnít necessary†to play dinner music.The system is already set up.When itís time for dinner, just designate someone to press†"PLAY" and the system will play easy listening dinner music.This can save you up to $75 an hour!

5.††††† Do you dress appropriately for the event?

Yes, we always dress appropriately for the occasion, be it casual or formal.

6.††††† Do you have lights?

Yes.We at Music Makers respect your hard-earned entertainment dollar, which is why lighting is included for all occasions.This can save you upwards of $100 for your event!

7.††††† How far in advance do we have to book?

You should make the booking as soon as you have confirmed your event date.Weddings are often booked a year in advance.

8.††††† Do you charge for consultations?

We provide consultations via phone or email Free of Charge, with no obligation.

9.††††† I have a list of songs that I want played at my dance. Will you play them?

Of course you may give us some guidelines to work within.In the case of a wedding, we always play your special selections (first song, bride and father, etc.). However, any DJ who will let you pick an extensive list of your own favourite songs is not earning his money. Our experienced DJs see every week which songs work for certain crowds and which donít. It all involves judgment and observation.Your personal favourites may or may not work for your crowd. Itís our job to keep your dance floor full!

10.† How do†I get a quote from you?

†††††††††† You may contact us for a quote by phone or email. Weíll get back to you right away!

What weíll need to know:

††††††††† Your name, address and phone number.

††††††††† The date of your event

††††††††† The type of event (Wedding, Christmas Party, Teen Dance, etc.)

††††††††† The event location

††††††† Here is how†to†reach us:

Email:†† musicmakers@live.ca

Phone: (613) 384-5467